People haven't changed but the way they engage with each other has. 

Online media has created new norms and new rules of engagement.

You can't just talk to (or worse ignore) your audience; engage with them and watch your campaign get more and more viral growth.

We help our clients capture the attention of their audience, develop a social strategy, increase social presence and following, interact with them in a way that makes raving fans, and puts them into a frenzy to buy.

What can we do to help?

Building upon the industry standards; press releases and blog articles and interviews, we have the systems in place to disseminate your message across hundreds of social media platforms. 

We have personal relationships and contacts hundreds of reputable online media outlets.

​We have a database of over 100,000 online Media Contacts which we will filter down to a custom list of those most relevant to your campaign.

​This blanketing approach results in a widespread and far reaching message. With a strong foundation of supporters we will attract more "backers" resulting a more successful campaign. 

Let us put our proven systems to work for you.

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