Product Development, Campaign Management, Expert Fulfillment.

Product Development

Market Research,
Timeline Management, Manufacturing and Branding.

Marketing & Promotion

Web design, Sales Materials including video and online marketing campaigns.

Engagement & Social Media

Full service cross platform social media management, including content generation.


Goal setting and Platform analysis to ensure maximum results. Each launch is unique.

Campaign Management

Post launch fulfillment, communication, follow up including testimonial and referral tracking.

We Understand Your Challenge!

You’ve got a great idea and want to see if Crowdfunding is the way to get it out to the world?

The honest truth is that 56% of all Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail!

Crowdfunding isn’t just about having a great idea and throwing it on a site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to raising a lot of money. It’s also a way to:

  • Launch A New Business
  • Launching A New Product
  • Market A Business Or Concept
  • Create A Lot Of Media Attention
  • Find Your Audience
  • Capture Your Audience
  • Get Into Retail Locations
  • Get Good Customer Feedback
  • Build A List
  • Turning An Idea, Into A Reality

It takes experience and a strategy to be successful. We have a proven system to help you achieve success for your crowdfunding campaign. Get help from our expert team right now and for free! Our staff is highly trained to help you reach your crowdfunding goal and beyond.

Get your free crowdfunding evaluation based on our 20+ Point Success Criteria now!

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